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Family owned since 1979, Sound Specialty has been dedicated to providing customers with excellent services in Audio and Video systems for government, hospitals, churches, educational institutions, corporations, venues and events. Our goal is to exceed expectations by providing you with detailed designs, creative solutions, and cutting edge A/V. Our finely attuned attention to detail will save you money over the course of your project and will ensure your audience has a great experience.


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We specialize in the installation of permanent sound, video, IP Cameras, Nurse Call Systems and rental of sound and/or audio equipment production for events. All of our products come with a warranty and our installation services come with a one-year labor warranty.

We promise to provide a system that fits the clients needs and budget and also be able to adjust or change systems as needed. We will do whatever it takes to make our clients have a system that they can use.


Great results start with great designs. Engineer your expectation with our precision.

Efficient plans, Depth in Relationships, Integrity in our product, Patience in our process.

Quality proves we care. Doing it right the first time insures our product stands the test of time.

Ask the professionals. Satisfaction with your investment is worth it. Take the time up front.

Dependable and reliable technical support that is just a call, text, or email away.